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Primum Group Technologies, Inc. is a cutting-edge IT outsourcing company based in Northern Virginia. At Primum Group Technologies, Inc., we believe that first-of-all, the client's needs are our top priority. By providing cost-effective and innovative solutions, we help our customers succeed. Whether you require short- or long-term consulting, are building a local or international network, are concerned about information security, business process improvement, application development or just trying to interview & hire the best local or foreign talent for your needs, Primum Group, Inc. has the experience. All employees are thoroughly screened for reliability & ability to perform to the highest standards. We welcome new business proposals, always offer initial consultations at no charge and look forward to meeting new potential employees who share our objectives in customer service.

"We had a multi-million dollar development effort to enhance our network and protect proprietary projects... Primum Group Technologies, Inc. showed us how to achieve our goals and saved us 70% of our budgeted amount... they were on time and under budget... Thanks!"

-- A midwest consumer products manufacturer